Asociación Gitana de Mujeres - Drom Kotar Mestipen

Romani Association of Women
Drom Kotar Mestipen

Roma student gatherings

In different parts of Catalonia. Since 2000


Completed projects

European, local and state projects carried out. Since 2000.


European projects

In which we have participated. Since the year 2010.



Courses for Roma women, recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Our main mission

To fight for equality and non-discrimination of Roma women, promoting their participation in educational, social and cultural spaces. Roma and non-Roma women of different ages, studies, professional profiles and socioeconomic levels continue to work to achieve this goal; a dream that throughout our history we have seen become a reality for many girls, young women and Roma women.

International Congresses of Roma Women

The International Congresses of Roma Women are one of the most important activities that we have developed in the history of our entity.

Legal and socio-educational counseling

We provide personalized advice to those Roma women who need it.

Roma Women Students Gatherings

Annual event that brings together Roma women of all ages to discuss educational issues and find solutions.

Dialogue cycles

The dialogue cycles are talks between Roma women that deal with a specific topic.