In this section you can find more information about the activities that are currently being carried out in Drom Kotar, as well as those that have already been carried out.

Talks in educational spaces

At Drom Kotar Mestipen we have been working since our origins to promote equal opportunities, access and results in different areas of society, and especially in the educational sector.

To achieve this, we hold talks in educational spaces with different objectives:

Visibilise Roma female references.

Provide accompaniment in educational itineraries

Encourage participation in our activities

Explain Successful Educational Actions

Improve professional attention

Breaking with anti-Roma stereotypes and prejudices

Raise teachers’ awareness


As an example of one of these good practices, in this link you can read a letter sent by one of our role models to a girl in a secondary school. She wanted to continue studying but her classmates told her that it was impossible, that Roma did not study and that, for example, there were no Roma women lawyers. The teacher got in touch with our association, and a Roma volunteer, a Roma and a lawyer, sent her this letter.

“Together we can achieve everything”

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