Roma Connect

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Roma Connect

The main objective of the European project Roma Connect, is to connect Roma grassroots women in Greece, Hungary, Romania, and Spain, and create an antigypsyism campaign, and through this reach policy makers on both the national and European levels.


The Rtransform project was born from the first International Congress of Roma Women, held by our entity in 2010. We had more than 300 Roma women participating from all parts of Europe. We shared our experiences of the Roma Student Gatherings we have held in Catalunya, Spain, and their impact and all the incredible exchanges […]

Brudila Callí


“Roma women against exclusion. Overcoming absenteeism and school failure among Roma girls and adolescents” National R&D&I Plan. Women’s Institute, Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (2000-2003).

Callí Butipen


“Roma Women and the Labour Market” National R&D&I Plan. Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Women’s Institute (2003-2004).



Outreach, Empowerment, Diversity” Project funded with the support of the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme- Grundtvig”. Coordinator: European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).



A step forward “Empowering young people and women from local Roma Communities”. From local Roma Communities” Largely funded through the European Commission’s DAPHNE programme (2013- 2015). Coordinator: Amalipe.



A mentoring system for Roma women and their professional and educational path” The MS4ROW project is a European project funded mostly through the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission (2013-2015). Coordinator: Cik Trebnje (Slovenia).



Promoting Roma people’s access to lifelong learning, vocational training and labour market programmes through family training in primary schools” Part of the LifeLong Learning Programme. Funded with the support of the European Commission.