In this section you can find more information about our activities, news and events
of our day to day.


In Drom Kotar Mestipen we carry out different types of activities. On the one hand, we have specific activities that can be considered as structural of the association, which are organized regularly and have emerged as the core of the association. On the other hand, we have activities developed through the participation in projects at local, national and European level that allow us to continue with our lines of work, especially the promotion of the education of Roma adult women and the accreditation of the non-formal competences of Roma women with the aim of promoting their inclusion in the labor market.


The main activities organized by our association:

1. Roma Women Students Gatherings of Catalonia.
We have held 17 editions of this Gathering, with more than 205-300 women participating in the last editions. This is a space for dialogue; an annual or biannual meeting where Roma students and women meet to discuss and reflect on their education as a way to overcome the inequalities suffered by Roma women.

2. Course ofmonitors of leisure activities for children and young people.
This course is accredited by the General Directorate of Youth of the Generalitat de Catalunya and is carried out for Roma women. It is free of charge and aims at the labor inclusion of Roma women without academic qualifications. In addition, it allows Roma students to have them as role models within their own schools.

3. International Congresses of Roma Women
In its first edition, grassroots Roma women from more than 15 countries discussed how to overcoming the triple exclusion they suffer and laid the foundations for the implementation of international actions and projects to overcoming it. At the same time, we are working hand in hand with a network of European entities, in the celebration next in 2018 of the II International Congress.; in which grassroots Roma women will return to debate and decide on the issues that most interest and concern them today.