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Food Bank
The Food Bank of Barcelona is also launching new programs to facilitate access to food for the most vulnerable people, since the beginning of the confinement has already distributed almost 900 thousand kgs.
The organization works every day to implement new initiatives since the requests for food aid from social organizations are constantly growing.

How to receive food aid? Click here

Càritas catalunya

The organization remains active during the year to continue supporting the most fragile individuals and families, mainly through and families, mainly essential services.
Càrites adapts its social action to the new exceptional measures generated by the *Covid-19.
The organization has set up a single telephone number to attend to all emergencies (especially basic needs such as food and shelter).

(especially basic needs such as food or housing): 900 921 810. Click here


Is there any help to pay for housing rent?
Is there any affectation for the payment of mortgages?
How does the current situation affect the eviction procedure of the rental housing where I live?
All the information on these questions, and many more, in this link: Click here


Are you self-employed?
Are you unable to go out to work due to the current health crisis?
Has your income been drastically reduced?
Tutorial guide on how to apply for assistance for self-employed people economically affected by the coronavirus. Click here

You will also find more information about workers and companies in this link: Click here

General information
What is the Coronavirus? What are the reasons to stay at home? How to disinfect the house? How to deal with the children? What can I do if I feel sick?….
It is very important to have knowledge about Covid-19 and the current situation. In the following link you will find all the necessary information updated by the Generalitat.
Click here

In this document you can find all the telephones and webs of interest. COVID19_TelèfonsiWebs_PIPG_CATALUNYA

You can also watch this video of questions and answers with professionals and gypsy students from the health field about Covid-19. Click here

Mental health
During confinement it is easy to generate negative thoughts and emotions, and taking care of mental health is very important. This web application, created by the Generalitat, can help you to support you during this difficult period.

Click this link to access

Prevention of gender-based violence during confinement

In the context of confinement we ask to be attentive to the situation of women who may be suffering #MachistaViolence.
Are you suffering from gender-based violence?

The situation experienced by women who suffer male violence is exacerbated during the state of alarm. For this reason, l’Institut Català de les dones and entities reinforce the resources of attention to the victims. Check the services offered by the departments of the Generalitat, local authorities and organizations.

Posters PrevencionViolenciaGenero – link